About Nick Kirtley

Hi! Nicholas Kirtley here, founder of Promised Land Property. I created this community-minded business with one goal in mind. To empower honest, hard-working Australian’s like you achieve genuinely superior returns through property investment over time. My mission is to help you transition safely into an early retirement and establish financial independence in years rather than decades.

But that requires focus, effort and a clear plan of action. No silver bullets or magic pills here. This is not a get rich quick enterprise. It’s a get rich for real empowerment service. Do we charge fees, of course we do. We incur real costs, add real value and don’t apologise for making a profit as a sustainable enterprise.

As a fifteen-year commercial banker and your new personal property coach I can tell you one thing…it takes time and effort to build real wealth.  Sorry I’m not selling overnight results here. If you’re in that much of a rush to make money I suggest you look somewhere else.

Promised Land Property was created to warn property investors against scrupulous property marketing practices and protect them from many of the common mistakes made. I made plenty of them myself when I first started and I’m not afraid to share that. Its made me the investor that I am today. It’s put me into the top 5% of property investors* in Australia and at the age of 38 I’m looking forward to an early retirement with the family I love more than anything else.

This business was built for them and it was built for your family as well.

I want to help you achieve real wealth, freedom and above all future lifestyle choice. After working for fifteen years in the banking industry I know what that looks like. You may not ever want to retire. That’s cool! I certainly don’t. But I do want the ability to live life on my terms, take breaks and spend more time with loved ones that a typical 9-5  (or should I say 8-6) job will allow.

I am not a financial planner and I do not give specific advice to individuals. I teach what I know about the property market and share my property journey to inspire and inform others. Its up to you to make your own decisions. I carefully select investors at the right stage to join and contribute to our community which includes qualified financial advisors, finance brokers, conveyancers and insurance agents to provide a holistic service and truly independent advice.

Promised Land Property was founded on the belief that educating investors to make better decisions is more ethical than selling new or off-the-plan property for a kickback from the developer. We will never engage in these practices. We will only ever help investors find and make better property investment decisions.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out some testimonials on the Promised Land Property Facebook Page and see what real people that have completed my training program have to say.

What People Say

"Nick’s system gave us the motivation and direction we needed to start looking for affordable interstate property. We liked that it all just made sense once Nick took us through the steps and showed us the options we never thought we had!"


"I bought two investment properties using Nick's system. One is a house on a large corner block with sub-division potential I bought for $215,000. The other is a renovated house I bought for just $170,000 generating 260 rent per week! Now I'm looking for my third property!"

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