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Discover which postcodes will Boom next using Artificial Intelligence!

In partnership with Australian award-winning AI firm Complexica, we’ve successfully created a new ground-breaking algorithm that accurately predicts which suburbs will BOOM by over 20% within the next 12 to 18 months.

If You’re a Property Buyers Advocate and Keen to Reignite Your Business and Accelerate the Growth of Your Own Portfolio Then Read On…

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Despite the gloomy property outlook and tighter finance conditions, several postcodes across the country have risen by 20% or more in the last 12 months….many by as much as 30%!

Our House Price Boom Prediction Algorithm has successfully predicted which postcodes will Boom by 20% or more within 12 months at an accuracy rate of 94%. Of the remaining 6%, all postcodes grew, many by 10 and 15%.

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  • Has the current property outlook made it hard to attract new clients to your business?
  • Are your existing and past clients sitting on their hands due to tougher finance conditions?
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“Using AI dramatically reduces investor risk, increases returns and accelerates portfolio growth.”

Founder – Nick Kirtley.

“AI has been used for high-volume stock trading for years. Now finally, it can dramatically increase your chances of delivering 6-figure growth per property purchase within a 12 to 18 month period.

We’ve identified which data points are correlated to a house price boom over the next 12 months. Our algorithm has proven to be 94% accurate in predicting which suburbs will see a 20% Boom within 12 months. With all selected postcodes still rising by 5%, 10% or 15% within a year.”

Our High Growth Houses Forecast Report predicts where genuine house price growth will occur next. This is where the value of all houses in the area are predicted to rise. It has been taught to avoid statistical growth driven by anomalies in house price data.

This means that you can rest assured knowing that all established houses in the predicted areas have an 94% probability of 20% or more growth in the next 12 months!

Get the edge over your competition and thrive, even in the current market!

There were over X postcodes that saw over 20% growth in Australia in 2018. Many of these were outside of the capital cities and also provides strong cash flow as well.

Use our High Growth Houses Forecast to Reignite your business in 3 ways:


Deliver outstanding rates of capital growth to existing clients and create powerful testimonials for your business.


Attract new clients via word-of-mouth referrals that purchase more often and generate more fee revenue.


Use our Forecasts to accelerate the growth of your own portfolio and build your wealth outside of your business.

Being an early adopter of new technology such as this will put your business in position to not just survive but thrive through the current market downturn.

Those Buyer’s Advocates that remain when houses return to a growth phase will enjoy a much larger share of the market.

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Receive A 50% Discount On Your First Report as a First-Time Subscriber to the High Growth Houses Forecast!

"I bought two investment properties using Nick's system. One is a house on a large corner block with sub-division potential I bought for $215,000. The other is a renovated house I bought for just $170,000 generating 260 rent per week! Now I'm looking for my third property!"


Need more information? Here are some common questions answered in our short webinar…

  • 1 Why do you only forecast Booms in house prices and not apartments?
  • 2 Do you cover all postcodes across all states and territories in Australia?
  • 3 Do your predictions change once they’ve been published?
  • 4 How credible is the data you use and where does it come from?
  • 5 What are examples of statistical Booms or anomalies that don’t result in price growth of all houses?
  • 6 How do you ensure that your algorithm only predicts genuine growth Booms?
  • 3 How reliable is the data you use?
  • 4 How often is the forecast released?
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Unlike other operators in the property investment industry I don’t rely on hype or high-pressure sales tactics to run my business. I hate that stuff as much as you do. Besides, I’ve found I don’t need to – my system speaks for itself and enough people ask to use my personal finance broker who has agreed to pay me a referral fee to cover my costs. So that’s how I make money…by paying it forward!

Buying property interstate isn’t as scary or risky as you might think, if after the webinar you’re still unsure then I’m happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have.

Invest 60 minutes and see exactly how you can get a foothold into the market!

After you do your due diligence, if you decide my system can help you acquire affordable interstate properties safely… you’re not alone. I have a passion for hearing stories from people that have used my information to get ahead in property. It gives me a kick like you wouldn’t believe… ultimately, I want to hear from you when you do buy that first, second and third property. I want to share your success with others, if you’ll allow me that is.”

And think about it…

When the only risk to explore such a life-changing opportunity is an hour of your time… why wouldn’t you want to at least check it out?

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In this FREE webinar, you’ll learn…

How you can rapidly save enough cash to lay down the deposit on your first rental property using something I call the ‘Deposit Accelerator’… even if you’ve got $0 in the bank right now…

  • The easiest way to find positively-geared properties that start paying you from day one in areas with strong growth prospects…
  • The best methods for increasing the amount of income your rental property produces… use this and your rental yield could easily shoot above 8% per annum…that’s putting real money in your pocket!
  • A clever way big fish investors know when to buy –and how to add value to the property – to position yourself for above-average capital growth as well… I’ll show you how you can do this using statistics and selecting the right properties…
  • 2 types of investment properties you should avoid at all costs… these are often the properties inexperienced property investors are lured into (tying up their equity in what i call the ‘slow lane’ for years)…
  • Plus, insider tips for getting finance I learned from more than 15 years in development lending and real estate banking…