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How Artificial Intelligence can now predict exactly which suburbs will BOOM next!

National property investor Nick Kirtley has developed a ground-breaking algorithm that accurately predicts which suburbs will BOOM over the next 12 months and is sharing this groundbreaking technology in a FREE online masterclass…

If You’re Keen to Bank BIG Profits in as Little as 12 Months Buying in High-Growth Suburbs Then Read On…

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Artificial Intelligence will change the future of property buying forever! Now is the time to take advantage before everyone else discovers how to use it as well.

Imagine…turbo-charging your investment property returns and banking a big 6-figure return in as little as 12 months instead of in 12 years!

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  • Prices in Sydney and Melbourne have gone through the roof… but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out…
  • There are still plenty of suburbs entering their BOOM phase right now… in fact some are very affordable and also come with a great cash flow…
  • Looking beyond your own side of the city opens up the possibility of greater returns… following my 5 Safety Measures you’ll always be well protected buying further away from home or even interstate…
  • You might be worried about making an investment in an area you don’t know … well I own 5 of my properties interstate and have taught dozens of people the 7-Steps I use to acquire the best properties in any area…
Invest Now Retire Soon
To find out more I’m doing a FREE online training course (limited to 100 spots), click here to secure a place:

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A banker’s simple system for acquiring cash flow positive development properties starting with as little as $25,000

Hi – I’m Nick Kirtley.

I have over 15 years’ experience working for two of Australia’s top 4 banks.

In my time in banking, I’ve helped to ink big deals of several professional property investors and developers – and what I got to see was how they choose and buy property. So I just copied what they did – starting at a smaller scale – and now I have a national property portfolio!

I learned first-hand the strategies big fish property investors use to buy cash flow positive properties and future development sites to boost their projected future returns.

And, I’ve spent the last 5 years refining these strategies into a system that allows busy, full-time professionals to build their property portfolios safely, and without sacrificing family time and their social lives.

I used 7 Steps to build a $3.2m  property portfolio in just 3 years — you might be able to as well!

I’m teaching my full 7-Steps for FREE in a 60-minute online training class but its limited to just 100 places…

In just 3 years, I acquired 5 interstate investment properties of my own using this system, and helped others find properties including:


A block with two houses and a positive cash flow of $8,000 a year for just $445,500!


A 5-bedroom house on a huge block for $325,000 that I can improve to generate a positive cash flow of $8,000 to $10,000 a year!


Two 930 sqm+ subdivision blocks only 30 minutes from a capital city CBD both for under $199,000! Yes it is true.

Over the last couple of years I’ve helped a number of people I know buy property interstate, now they’re well on the way to their second or third property.

Today, I want to give you the same knowledge. Register for my FREE Training Webinar ‘How to beat the housing affordability crisis and get into the property market safely’ today, and I’ll show you exactly how my system can help get into the property market and still live where you want!

In fact you can watch it right now!

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What One Of My Friends Had To Say

Nick’s system gave us the motivation and direction we needed to start looking for affordable interstate property. We liked that it all just made sense once Nick took us through the steps and showed us the options we never thought we had!


"I bought two investment properties using Nick's system. One is a house on a large corner block with sub-division potential I bought for $215,000. The other is a renovated house I bought for just $170,000 generating 260 rent per week! Now I'm looking for my third property!"


If you decide to register your interest in my FREE webinar training today here’s what you can expect

  • 1 How you can buy a cash flow positive capital city property with strong growth prospects and sub-division potential!
  • 2 How you can buy a house on a big block within 30 minutes of a capital city CBD with as little as $20,000 in savings!
  • 3 The biggest real estate investment mistakes to avoid so you can manage the risks and position yourself for stronger returns
  • 4 And how to select the right properties in the right areas to ensure you buy at the right price at the right time…
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No hype. No selling.
Just real information you can use straight away!

Unlike other operators in the property investment industry I don’t rely on hype or high-pressure sales tactics to run my business. I hate that stuff as much as you do. Besides, I’ve found I don’t need to – my system speaks for itself and enough people ask to use my personal finance broker who has agreed to pay me a referral fee to cover my costs. So that’s how I make money…by paying it forward!

Buying property interstate isn’t as scary or risky as you might think, if after the webinar you’re still unsure then I’m happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have.

Invest 60 minutes and see exactly how you can get a foothold into the market!

After you do your due diligence, if you decide my system can help you acquire affordable interstate properties safely… you’re not alone. I have a passion for hearing stories from people that have used my information to get ahead in property. It gives me a kick like you wouldn’t believe… ultimately, I want to hear from you when you do buy that first, second and third property. I want to share your success with others, if you’ll allow me that is.”

And think about it…

When the only risk to explore such a life-changing opportunity is an hour of your time… why wouldn’t you want to at least check it out?

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Yes, I Want To Watch The Webinar Right Now!

In this FREE webinar, you’ll learn…

How you can rapidly save enough cash to lay down the deposit on your first rental property using something I call the ‘Deposit Accelerator’… even if you’ve got $0 in the bank right now…

  • The easiest way to find positively-geared properties that start paying you from day one in areas with strong growth prospects…
  • The best methods for increasing the amount of income your rental property produces… use this and your rental yield could easily shoot above 8% per annum…that’s putting real money in your pocket!
  • A clever way big fish investors know when to buy –and how to add value to the property – to position yourself for above-average capital growth as well… I’ll show you how you can do this using statistics and selecting the right properties…
  • 2 types of investment properties you should avoid at all costs… these are often the properties inexperienced property investors are lured into (tying up their equity in what i call the ‘slow lane’ for years)…
  • Plus, insider tips for getting finance I learned from more than 15 years in development lending and real estate banking…